RNC makes move to protect Trump from a 2020 challenger

We’ve previously reported on South Carolina’s state GOP’s deliberations about cancelling the 2020 primary and whether it was a move to guard against any Trump opponents gaining a foothold.

While many state party chairs and leaders claim loyalty to Trump, more and more commentators are suggesting that talk of cancelling primaries is a move to protect an unusually vulnerable incumbent.

Now, the Republican National Committee is hopping on the bandwagon, with its Resolutions Committee voting to unequivocally back Trump and shut down any conversation about a potential 2020 GOP primary.

Notable Trump critics Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, who both recently exited the U.S. Senate, have been discussed as potential challengers, as has former Ohio governor and presidential hopeful John Kasich. And more recently, buzz about moderate Republican Maryland governor Larry Hogan has been growing.

The full RNC hasn’t voted yet. One has to imagine there’s some backroom negotiating and soul-searching going on about whether pinning all hopes on Trump for 2020 is the best course of action for the GOP, given his tanking approval numbers and pending legal issues.

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