CNN headquarters evacuated over suspicious package

CNN headquarters was evacuated on Wednesday for hours after reports that a suspected improvised explosive device was intercepted by the cable news giant in the mail.

The packages were mailed in manila envelopes and stamped with several American flag stamps with a Florida return address for Debbie Wasserman Schultz (spelled “Shultz”), the former chairwoman of the Democrat Party.

Similar packages were reportedly intercepted at the homes and workplaces of former president Barack Obama, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, former attorney general Eric Holder, and former CIA director John Brennan.

It’s obviously a serious matter that explosive devices were sent to an American news organization and to these leaders, no matter how much we may disagree with their reporting or their views. The president emphasized that the administration takes the matter seriously.

But the combination of the misspelling of Schultz’s name and the American flag stamps makes us wonder: Were these packages, sent only two weeks before pivotal midterm elections, meant to frame freedom-loving Americans as home-grown terrorists?

If not, what is the significance of the flag stamps?

More on this story as it develops.

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